Treatment at Onion River Chiropractic helps me work out minor kinks and more serious problems as they arise--working with my body. I really need help from time to time and ORC keeps me going!Everyone is super friendly and welcoming. Feels like family!

Beth F., Colchester, VT

I would refer family, friends, or co-workers to Onion River Chiropractic. Their wonderful staff and facility reduced my pain and increased my mobility.

Bob R., Warren, VT

I have received EXCELLENT treatment at ORC.  Perhaps the most striking thing I first noticed was the length of the appointments.  I have heard that the typical chiropractic appointment lasts just seven minutes.  Not so at Onion River Chiropractic.  They take care of you there.  Thorough massage treatment is used in conjunction with back adjustments, and it is not fast.  I feel better when I leave, and unlike some places. Dr. Kelly often lets me be the judge of when I need to come back, if ever.  I also appreciate receiving the periodic newsletters that provide helpful healthy insights for the whole body.  Some of the short write ups are progressive, forward thinking, and perhaps even cutting edge.

Ray G., Burlington, VT

Onion River Chiropractic has been a god send to me.  When I was in horrific pain and couldn't walk, their care and professionalism had me up and walking way sooner than I expected.  Lately my hip muscles were way overstretched due to overworking and my age.  One visit and I was already 80% better.  To me, they can't be beat, and to anyone out there who needs help I thoroughly recommend Onion River Chiropractic.  They are really the best.

Dick P., Winooski, VT

I moved to Vermont in 1996 and my MA chiropractor taught Kelly and highly recommended her .  I was anxious about leaving but when I made my first office visit with Kelly, I immediately knew I was in "good hands".  I developed rheumatoid arthritis in 2001 and Kelly was so empathetic and has been able to combine chiropractic care with medical treatment that keeps me mobile.  As a retired nurse I feel I am a good judge of "complete care" and this is what Kelly and the staff offer.  If she feels your body is in need of medical attention she is quick to inform you of her opinion because she only wants you to be the healthiest you possibly can.  5 STARS are not enough.  

Pat F., Shelburne, VT


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